22 October 2009

This IS Being Productive

Can't think of anything to do before 9 o'clock on a Thursday night? Why not surprise your hubs or housemate or whomever in the kitchen while they're making dinner? But, just as you're trying to be all paparazzi-ninja, realize there's no memory card in your camera. Then, for real fun, almost burn yourself while trying to take pictures. Hilarity will ensue, I assure you.

Once you finally manage to get a memory card in your camera, you too can capture AMAZING paparazzi-ninja quality images, such as these:

Stop Making That Face. STOP! STOP! I'M GOING TO PEE!

Kissy Kissy (or, I MARRIED THE TICK! See the spoon?)

What? What do YOU do until your favorite show comes on?

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