26 February 2010

Les Vans

These here? These're my VANS. I love them so much. I missed them so much when I was heavier; when they finally fit again, I rejoiced. I wore Vans like these for the majority of my childhood -- growing up at the beach, 80's surfer chic was what we all wore. Corduroy shorts by Op (that's Ocean Pacific), slip-on Vans, and a t-shirt from either my dad's car dealership or Pete Smith's surf shop.

I have a weird urge to take pictures of these shoes on a regular basis. So, since this blog is turning into a mostly-photo blog anyway, and because I'm inspired by my friends Tucker and Brittany and their Pear 365 project, I'm going to take a picture of Ye Olde Vans every Friday for the next year. I can't promise exotic locales, supermodels, or fancy lighting, but I can promise you'll see these red and black monsters every Friday from now on. Footwear Friday! Woo!

24 February 2010

The Weekly Austin - 2.24.2010

Doin' The T. Rex Boogie - 12.25.2009

23 February 2010

Pugtastic Tuesday - 2.23.10

A Pug and Her Boy - 2.15.2010

Austin's new chore is walking the dogs. He loves it; they need it (desperately). It's a win-win.

18 February 2010

Weird Dreams

I woke up the other night and had to write down a dream. It was the strangest, oddest, most vivid dream I've had in a long time. I wish I could blame this on the Percocet I'm taking, but I have odd dreams on a pretty regular basis. And I almost always remember them in the morning.

Anyway, in this particular episode of weirdness, there were strange, contorted people -- mutants -- who were for some reason warehoused in these clean, sunny rooms. The people were literally folded up and stacked against each other, their bodies the shape of Rit-Dye bottles. They were in some sort of wrapper, almost like a silicone sleeve. They were blind (I think) and couldn't speak. In the dream, these weird Rit people were being threatened by something outside, I want to say vampires but that doesn't sound right. Something outside wanted to come in and get them.

Here's what I drew and wrote in my sketchbook as soon as I woke up:

My notes say:

"They can't run. Their legs have been folded up so long. And they have horrible faces and can't speak -- just wails of fear and groans. Contorted people. Mutants. Legs folded in some kind of impossible lotus. They lean against each other in stacks/piles in secure rooms full of sunshine. I don't know how they're alive. There is something menacing outside. Windows are locked and but they let in sunshine. The windows are covered in cotton batting."

I tell Charlie about my dreams, and he always gives me the "You are CRAAAAAAZY" face. He hardly ever remembers his dreams, and finds it funny that there's so much detail in mine. I think dreams are so interesting -- not so much because I think you can find meaning or hidden messages, but because they're basically the trash dump of your subconscious. Whatever random junk your brain decides to put together, that becomes the story for the night.

17 February 2010

16 February 2010

Pugtastic Tuesday - 2.16.10

Threshold - 2.15.2010

Until I purchased my newest Mac, I generally avoided iPhoto because of how it manages image files. I'm still not a fan of that aspect of the program, but I'm really enjoying the basic editing tools it includes.

For the most part I don't do a whole lot of image editing or enhancement; I try to get the image I want in the camera. I learned photography the old-fashioned way, with a 35mm film camera and a darkroom. You could fix a lot of things in the darkroom, but it was always better to have a good negative to begin with. So, when I shoot digital, I try to get the image exactly right, or as close to right as possible, before it ever makes it to my computer. I use editing tools to make the final image match my memory of the shot -- the "feeling" of the picture.

What does that have to do with Pugtastic Tuesday? Well, nothing really. I get asked pretty frequently about how and what I shoot, and why, so I thought I'd share. I tweaked the pug portrait above using the simple iPhoto editing tools, and I'm happy with the result. In the coming weeks (months?) I'll be posting more images and writing not just about the content but my photographic process. Photography is my long lost love, and I'm going back to her as a hobby to keep myself happy.

03 February 2010

The Weekly Austin - 2.3.2010

Snow Monkey - 1.30.2010

We rarely get snow in this part of Virginia, so Austin's never been able to play in it. This past weekend's horrible weather gave him his first chance for an adventure in actual snow, and he loved it. As Charlie shoveled the driveway, Austin helped by taking two handfuls of snow at a time to the pile Charlie made. He also threw snow at the dogs, at me, and just right up into the air. So much fun!

02 February 2010