19 March 2010


Gardening Season - 3.19.2010

17 March 2010

The Weekly Austin - 3.17.10

Chocolate Chips - 3.16.2010

16 March 2010

Pugtastic Tuesday - 3.16.10

Cookie Hound - 3.16.2010

Pugly, shown here, usually avoids Austin like the plague. The exception is when Austin is eating any kind of food. Today, it was cookies. Austin ran and ran and ran around the yard, chomping on a cookie, and Pugly was right behind him the whole way.

(Also, check out how Pugly is "stacking" like a show dog. WTF?!)

11 March 2010

The Weekly Austin - A Day Late

Yesterday was an absolute CLUSTER. Hence, the lack of blogging. My sincerest apologies, gentle reader! Here is your Weekly Austin, one day late.

Supervision - 3.10.2010

09 March 2010

03 March 2010

The Weekly Austin - 3.3.2010

Mr. Mischief - 2.26.2010

Those EYES. Those eyes are going to get that boy in so much trouble. An over-the-shoulder look is going to melt someone's heart. I know, because it melts mine.

02 March 2010

Pugtastic Tuesday - 3.2.10

Ladylike - 2.26.2010

Bama (my littler pug) has a funny way of sitting. She sticks her back legs forward, and then puts her front legs on either side. It's one of my favorite things about her.

Also, can I just say how much I love that today's date is 3-2-10?! I keep repeating it to myself, "Three! Two! One! ZERO!" Yes, I am nerdy. And also slightly insane.