21 October 2009

The Weekly Austin - 10.21.09

More! 10.18.09

Since he was a baby, we've tried teaching Austin a few signs to help him communicate. The only two he's really picked up are "ALL DONE" and "MORE." I'd hoped that signing would help him express things to me before he could say the words for what he needed, but so far...not so much. He also doesn't really talk yet. I'm told it's nothing to worry about; lots of kids don't talk until they're two or even three years old. He interacts with everyone really well, he can identify all sorts of things from pictures, and he definitely gets his point across when he wants something (or when he's happy -- "SCREEEEEECH!"). His ears are fine, he's not autistic; so why do I worry? I don't know. I guess it's just my job as a mom.

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