14 January 2009

Day of Rest

I have deemed Wednesday my official "rest" day.  And by rest, I mean, go clean my mom's house and run on the treadmill later.  No Jillian today -- just my couch-to-5k workout and maybe yoga or balance ball.  Oh yeah, Mom hooked me up with a balance ball!  AND a gift cert to Running Etc.

It's amazing how just a couple of days of eating better and working out have boosted my energy level.  Usually, when I head to my mom's on Wednesdays, my butt is dragging and I take a nap when I get home.  Today, I got all the cleaning done (sans Red Bull, no less!) and came home with even more energy.  We'll see how much I can get done this afternoon.

Now how about those before pictures?  Uh...hrm.  Well, here's the thing.  I totally understand the logic behind embarrassing, floppy-belly, wow they make those shorts in YOUR size? pictures.  They're great motivation -- I've even taped them to containers of ice cream in my freezer before ("Hey fatass, this is YOU, do you REALLY need another pint of Chubby Hubby?").  But I'm not sure that I need my friends to see my almost-nekkid flabby self.  I'll keep them to myself for now, and bust them out when I'm down 50 lbs or so.

I had planned to post pictures from New Year's Eve, but it appears Blogger has taken a giant dump and won't upload them.  Wah wahhhhh.  I'll figure it out and post them...soon!

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