13 January 2009

First Day Blogging, Second Day Shredding

Why am I blogging?  There's about five bajillion fitness/SAHM/"I was a fattie and now I'm not" blogs out there, right?  True.  But I need to write for ME, and if anybody out there in the Wide World of Internets wants to come along, so be it.   I want to write because I need a place to track my progress, to keep myself honest, to hold myself accountable.  I can't put into words how much I want to be in DC this fall, walking in the SGK 3-day.  And I DON'T want to do it as a waddling lard-ass who has to take the bus to camp because her thighs are chafed. 

So here we are.  I'm 5'3", I weigh 234 (owch!).  My BMI is in the "OH MY GOD SCARY FAT!" range, and I pretty much feel like poop on a daily basis.  I'm 31 today, and over the last week I've realized I don't want to live like this anymore.  I don't want to hide behind "It's baby weight" anymore...the baby's almost a year old, and now so's the fat.  

Thanks to my super-supportive hubby (aka The Charles) and my awesomest of awesome Mom, I've been given all the tools I need to succeed.

Yesterday, I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout. I thought I was going to die. It's pretty clear that it is a workout for people who are already fairly fit, which I'm SO not. I still pushed through and did it, though, and I did it again today. It was harder to get started, but seemed to go by faster (thank God!).  Miss Jillian claims that this workout (when done daily and combined with her eating plan) can get 20 lbs off in a month.  Vee shall see...honestly, I'd be happy with an eight pound loss and not feeling like I'm going to die when I carry the baby up the stairs.

I've also been doing AM/PM Yoga, which is the jam for sure, if only because it makes me remember how flexible I used to be.  PM has been a challenge only because the Wee Lad -- he chooses that time to drop all his toys and play "Let's Grab Mommy's Legs and Scream as She Attempts Downward-Facing Dog."  I like working out when he's in the room.  I want him to see that exercise is part of everyday life, not just something you do after New Year's or when you need to fit into a swimsuit.

Today's my birthday...on Saturday, Mom gave me the 30DS DVD and Jillian's book that goes with it (and a gift cert for a pedicure! woo!).  The Charles hooked me up with a Nike+ sensor and transmitter for my iPod this morning (double woo!).  Now I just need the Nike+ shoes.  I'm a ways off from actual running, but I'll get there.  

Coming soon:  My dreaded "Before" pictures!  Blargh.


  1. Jenny, I love you! I've been on a "I hate myself and want to die because I'm fat" kick (since 1996, lol) since my fall classes stressed me out so much I ate myself to death. I've been going to the Y every morning at 5 (jogging 2 miles, doing my weights) and doing Zumba and belly dancing. =) (Hey, I've got the belly for it, right?)
    I'm planning to run the Virginia Is for Lovers 1.4 mile run on Valentine's day with Manda if you want to join. We're also doing the Shamrock 8k in March. And I'm going to run the CHKD run for the kids in honor of one of my students' big sisters, who has been battling lymphoma all year. I'm determined. And I'd love to hold you up and encourage you if you'll do the same!
    And let me just say..."running" is a term used loosely. I tend to do more of a jog/waddle/smells like bacon cooking as my thighs rub together kind of movement. =)
    Wanna join me? We can complain about jiggles and muscle soreness together!
    Keep it up, I'm so proud of your good start!

  2. I'm shooting for a 5k in Williamsburg in March, then the R&R Half in September, then the 3 day walk in October. After that, I'd like to be able to just train until next year's Shamrock.

    I love you too! Let's be workout buddies. I need a "partner in crime" for this stuff. Even if we can't go to the gym together, we can help motivate each other, right? :)

  3. Jenny! its Lauren A/Y from el bucks!

    I'm very excited for you! keep me posted and if you'd ever like a work out buddy I know I could use and awesome one...like you! I can look into swimming on base, too...if your interested! mucho love!