16 February 2010

Pugtastic Tuesday - 2.16.10

Threshold - 2.15.2010

Until I purchased my newest Mac, I generally avoided iPhoto because of how it manages image files. I'm still not a fan of that aspect of the program, but I'm really enjoying the basic editing tools it includes.

For the most part I don't do a whole lot of image editing or enhancement; I try to get the image I want in the camera. I learned photography the old-fashioned way, with a 35mm film camera and a darkroom. You could fix a lot of things in the darkroom, but it was always better to have a good negative to begin with. So, when I shoot digital, I try to get the image exactly right, or as close to right as possible, before it ever makes it to my computer. I use editing tools to make the final image match my memory of the shot -- the "feeling" of the picture.

What does that have to do with Pugtastic Tuesday? Well, nothing really. I get asked pretty frequently about how and what I shoot, and why, so I thought I'd share. I tweaked the pug portrait above using the simple iPhoto editing tools, and I'm happy with the result. In the coming weeks (months?) I'll be posting more images and writing not just about the content but my photographic process. Photography is my long lost love, and I'm going back to her as a hobby to keep myself happy.

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