26 February 2010

Les Vans

These here? These're my VANS. I love them so much. I missed them so much when I was heavier; when they finally fit again, I rejoiced. I wore Vans like these for the majority of my childhood -- growing up at the beach, 80's surfer chic was what we all wore. Corduroy shorts by Op (that's Ocean Pacific), slip-on Vans, and a t-shirt from either my dad's car dealership or Pete Smith's surf shop.

I have a weird urge to take pictures of these shoes on a regular basis. So, since this blog is turning into a mostly-photo blog anyway, and because I'm inspired by my friends Tucker and Brittany and their Pear 365 project, I'm going to take a picture of Ye Olde Vans every Friday for the next year. I can't promise exotic locales, supermodels, or fancy lighting, but I can promise you'll see these red and black monsters every Friday from now on. Footwear Friday! Woo!

1 comment:

  1. Gah, I'm so behind on blog posts -- thanks for the mention! Also --- I have some b&w checkered vans, and they kick ass in more ways than one. I love them. I also get weird stares everytime I wear them around town here. *sigh* People just don't get it.