21 January 2010

Change of Plans

I sat down at my desk today with a plan to write about this past weekend. One of my dear friends had her baby, and it was a really amazing experience. I had all sorts of feelings and revelations (REVELATIONS! Like the MORMONS!) that I wanted to share.

Instead, I'm sitting here at my desk wondering why, after 32 years, I still can't seem to do anything right. So far today, I have:

1. Overslept by almost two hours, causing my boss to have to come in early, my store to open late, and many, many people getting to work late (sorry, April!).
2. Spilled coffee all over my Jeep.
3. Unknowingly allowed a friend to become more upset over something I thought was resolved.
4. Forgot to deposit the cash in my wallet, the cash that had to be deposited to cover what I spent on Tuesday.

So yeah, it's been a FANTASTIC day so far. *sigh* I'm trying to stay on track, stay upbeat, and get stuff done. That was working pretty well until about an hour ago. Now? Now I need some hugs.


  1. *HUGS!*
    I hope that helped a teensey bit. It'll get better- not that me saying that helps, but yeah, I promise it will.