01 August 2009

iTunes Tells No Tales

I made a Twitter/Facebook post yesterday about Charlie's iTunes content; I was using his laptop, opened iTunes, and put it on shuffle. The results were a little scary. My friend Mike wanted to know what the "ten weirdest songs" were. That's hard to say, but here's his top ten most played:

1. "Boys of Summer" The Ataris
2. "I Drove All Night" Celine Dion
3. "Genie In A Bottle" Christina Aguilera
4. "White Flag" Dido
5. "Hot Stuff" Donna Summer
6. "Falls On Me" Fuel
7. "You and I Both" Jason Mraz
8. "One Step Closer" Linkin (I just threw up a little in my mouth) Park
9. "Miserable" Lit
10."Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd

To his credit, the highest play count on any of these is two. Meaning, he rarely listens to music on his computer. And these aren't the strangest or the most "O DEAR GOD WHO DID I MARRY"-inducing tunes, by far. I have the same reaction now that I did when I first perused his CD wallets, back when we were dating. Britney Spears? Ashlee Simpson? SAMANTHA FOX?! Holy hideous pop catalog, Batman!

Sometimes I wonder how he tolerates my music-nerdiness, my totally hypocritical snobbery about the pop music that I secretly enjoy. I wonder how a Camaro-driving, wrasslin'-watching, NASCAR-loving redneck ended up with me: the former emo queen, who only recently gave up vinyl for CDs, and downloaded more MP3s by more obscure bands than just about anybody I know. How did two such polar opposites end up dating, getting married, and having a kid? Oh yeah...'cause we make each other happy, we make each other laugh, and (maybe most importantly) all these little quirks actually bring us closer together. I tolerate Staind, he tolerates my random OCD urges to do stuff like, oh, count the silverware in the middle of the night.

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  1. Do you actually count your silverware? That's totally up my alley (no shame!). I've often had the urge to catalog my cups by numbering them so that I would know if one went missing.

    You two are a great couple. Doesn't the saying go: a couple that laughs together stays together? :)