11 January 2010


I spent most of today getting back to normal after what was a crazy and fun-filled weekend full of pre-birthday treats. On Saturday, I went to the super-fabulous Best Body Company for a massage, haircut, and make-up application after getting my nails done by one of my favorite ladies in the world (Ms. Carrie of Chambord Nails, aka THE NAIL DOCTAH!). Aside from the general fantasticness of spa pampering, it was also a great day because my massage therapist turned out to be somebody who a) went to my high school, b) loves all the same music I do, and c) is also converting to Judaism. We both really enjoyed talking through my whole massage; it was like hanging out with someone I'd known for years. Oh, and did I mention that she worked at the shop where I bought my very first pair of Doc Marten's boots? IT IS PUNK ROCK KISMET, I TELL YOU!

On my way home from the salon, I texted Charlie (who I thought was at work) to let him know I was all done. I had planned to go home, have a glass o' wine, and fall dead asleep. He replied with a request -- go buy laundry detergent, and buy it NOW. I was really not happy about this, so I called him. He explained that the big jug of Gain I'd just bought slipped off the top of the washer, crashed onto the floor, and spilled soap all over the place. I was beyond pissed. Not only because I had seriously JUST BOUGHT that detergent, but because he was asking me to turn around and head back out to the shops (I was almost home). I got a little pissy on the phone, explaining that no, I was NOT going to buy detergent tonight, and demanding to know why he, comfortably ensconced in his office, felt such an urgent need for me to make this purchase.

Well, as I rounded the corner onto our street, I saw Charlie's truck in the driveway, and I immediately knew exactly why he wanted to keep me out of the house. He had planned a surprise birthday party for me, and I wasn't supposed to be there yet. No guests had arrived aside from my pal Cody. I felt so, so bad. Charlie was, to say the least, upset. "The one time, ONE TIME I need you to be an obedient wife, and you don't do it!" he laughed.

It all worked out just fine in the end. All my friends showed up, and I even got to see The Hong (haven't seen her in way too long!) and my dear Jason Hanasik (in from SanFran and looking amazing!) and Pegg0rs (she wore hooker boots for me!). There were presents, cocktails, an amazing birthday cake from JoAnna, food, silliness, and a dinosaur with a party hat. It was such a blast!

The only part that sucked was that I had to open on Sunday morning. That means I had to be at work at 5:45AM. WOO! What a fun shift that was...blargh. Poor Sarah and Tara! They had to put up with my tired, cranky butt all day.

I got home from work and crashed. Charlie was out helping my mom with her home entertainment gear. He brought Austin home in the afternoon, and we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and enjoying each other.

I fell asleep last night thinking about how lucky I am, and how grateful I am, to have such amazing friends and family. I love, love, LOVE all of you!

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