07 October 2009

Monkey Business

My friend Melissa and her husband joined us for Taco Night last night. They brought their adorable bebe, and I can't even put into words how much fun it was to watch him play with Austin. They're about six months apart in age, but Little T is way ahead of where Austin was (in terms of physical development) at that age. He can also say "Uh oh," which, O MY GOD THE CUTENESS!

Austin had a little trouble being gentle with T, but that's age-appropriate I guess. Plus, well, Austin plows into everything and anything that moves. T took it very well; he's a tough guy, just like his daddy (his mommy's pretty damn tough, too!).

I picked both the boys up at the same time, holding one on each hip. It felt really, really good. I've had doubts about having more children, but last night sealed the deal. I want more. I know I have to wait, both because of my surgery and because I need to lose a significant amount of weight, but I am so ready to do this all over again.

Me & My Little Man - 5.17.2008

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