12 August 2009

Kitchen? Oh Yeah, The Kitchen...

You may be wondering how the kitchen project is coming. I haven't written anything about it for a while, mostly because the people I see on a day to day basis are so goddamned sick of hearing about it that I can't get a word out.

Basically, the thing's done. I'm just waiting on countertops, and then some final plumbing hookups. The guy from Lowe's ("I'm hear to make a template, but I think instead I'll just stare at the tattoo on your chest.") was here yesterday, measuring and checking the cabinets to ensure that we're ready for the eleventy-billion pound load of LG HiMacs counter material. The installers will be back on the 20th to slap it all together, and then famous Dave, our plumber, comes the next day to hook up my sink, disposal, and -- can I get a HALLELUJAH?! -- DISHWASHER!

It's hard to describe what it's been like to live without a working kitchen for a month. I can't complain too much, thanks to my uber-patient hubby and my vast collection of random kitchen appliances (that electric griddle I gave Charlie so much shit about? LIFE. SAVER.). But damn, kids...doing dishes in the bathtub? There are no words for that suckage, let me tell you. My mom can tell you, though; her kitchen remodel took six months. SIX. Let that soak in. SIX MONTHS WITH NO MOTHER EFFING KITCHEN. And she didn't even KILL anybody!

Anyway, I'm not posting any pictures 'til everything's done, so you can get the full, dramatic "before and after" effect. Nine days to go!

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  1. I can't wait to see the change! Waiting six months on a kitchen remodel would kill me.