03 April 2009

Insufferable Douchebaggery

Nothing starts the day off right like a totally pointless spat with your husband.

As he was leaving, I told Charlie I'd call him when I was ready to come swap cars. He took El Heep today; he had to drop Austin off at Grandma's. That leaves me driving the truck, which I hate. Why, you ask? Well, where to begin: the cracked windshield? the seats encrusted in dog hair? the radio preset to god-awful "rock" stations? the sticky shifter that pops in an out of gear at will? Or maybe the defective parking brake? Charlie drives it most every day without complaint, but he also has his OTHER car, and his motorcycle. I have only the Jeep.

So when Charlie told me I should just keep the truck all day, I said I didn't want to. He said it'd use less gas, and I whined that I didn't care, I wanted the Jeep. He said something else, and I snapped "FINE! YOU KEEP ALL THE CARS AND I'LL JUST RIDE A BIKE." I stomped inside like a three year old (or a 13 month old, if he could walk) and fired off a Tweet about "insufferable douchebaggery." At the moment, it did seem as if he was being rather douchey.

After an hour and another cup of coffee, I of course have realized that there was no douchebaggery on his part -- just me being a spoiled brat. It would save gas, it would be less of a headache to just keep the truck instead of wonking up his day with a vehicle swap. So why is it so hard for me to just suck it up? Dunno. I like getting my way, I suppose, but who doesn't? I think it really boils down to my control issues (SHOCKER!).

So my question for today is, what do YOU have trouble "sucking up"? Am I the only one who battles Ye Olde Raging Ego?


  1. You definitely aren't alone! Ry and I will fight over the stupidest stuff and it'll mostly be because I'm in a pissy mood over something not related to him and I won't admit it. The fight will escalate just because I won't tell him what's really bothering and want to take it out on him. If he calls me out on it, it just makes it worse...sometimes at least.

  2. I want to get in shape for the wedding; do you want to be Dailyplate buddies?

  3. Or...why didn't he just swap out the baby seat and take another vehicle this morning so you'd have the jeep when you needed it? Guys can advance plan, too...