25 March 2009

ZOMG Day off!

I have been granted an official "DAY OFF." Holy crap!

Charlie is still off work, so I get to spend today picking up my new glasses and shopping for some new clothes. I have not made the bed; I have not gotten dressed. So far my day has consisted of reading blogs, drinking coffee, and eating a Twinkie. (Okay, two Twinkies.) I slept until almost 9 AM. And as I type, comfortably ensconced in a reclining leather sofa-seat, wrapped in a warm blanket, flanked by two pugs, I can hear my wonderful husband upstairs tickling Austin and making him laugh.

This, my friends, is a good day.


  1. I'm happy you got a day off. You deserve it! :)
    Oh, and like you said to Ry, "I is reading your blog now!" hehehe :)

  2. Oh, BTW, you have to read this blog. I know you're done with the buc, but you'll relate and find it funny. :)