03 March 2009


Well, yesterday was my big day: hernia repair.  Woo hoo!  Fortunately, my surgeon explained at my pre-op appointment that the repair would NOT prevent me from having more kids; I just have to wait a year before I can get pregnant again.  So I checked in yesterday with a light heart and really, no worries about surgery.  It was my first time getting general anesthetic, and only my second surgery ever (first was my c-section this time last year).  The nursing staff was fantastic, and so's my doc.  How can you not like a guy whose first name is "Basil"?

Anyway, everything went well.  Doc said the hole was about the size of a baseball, and he had to move my bladder out of the way for something (I can't really remember that part, as I was still coming out of the anesthetic).  They put in a pretty big piece of mesh to hold everything where it's supposed to be until my body grows tissue back to cover the hole.  I had the option to stay overnight, but I really wanted to come home, and I felt okay.  We left the hospital around 3PM, and I was home and comfy by 3:30.  My mom had been at our house all day taking care of Austin, so Charlie popped out and got Starbucks for us while he got my Rx filled (oh Percoset! How I love you so!).

This is probably not my most eloquent or coherent post, but I wanted to update so folks would know what's going on.  Everyone has been very helpful and loving, and I am feeling very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

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  1. I'm so glad things seem to have gone well. I am sorry, however, that your recovery week has been filled with vomit-mopping. =) Here's to a better weekend...
    and call us for absolutely anything! I love ya!